• Digico DS00 96 channel digital console. St, LCRS, 5.1 and 7.1 mixing with 40×8 monitor matrix.
  • Digico EX00 8 fader expansion modules to the DS00 for a total of 32 input faders.
  • Digico D5 Live Control Surface with V4 software and optical Madi capability
  • Digico D1 Live Control Surface with V4 software and optical Madi capability
  • Digico SD11i Digital audio console
  • Amek Big by Langley 44 faders ( 8 stereo modules) with Total Recall automation and digital dynamic processing software control
  • All consoles are available with redundant power supplies and back up UPS.

Remote I/O Stage Rack

  • Digico Digiracks. Configured with 56 analog inputs with pristine preamps controlled from console, and 24 analog outputs. Redundant power supply and optical Madi included. (we have 3)
  • Digico Miniracks, configured with 8,16 or 24 analog inputs or outputs. Redundant power supply and coaxial Madi included. (we have 2)
  • Digico Little Red Box
  • Digico Valve inputs cards, AES input and output cards available for the above I/O racks.
  • Solid State Logic Alpha Link Madi AX converter, 24 analog/24 AES in and out.
  • Optocore MADI fibre optics multicore capable of covering up 1.5Kms
  • MADI coaxial redundant multicore


  • Lexicon 300L with larc remote
  • Lexicon M300 Digital Reverb
  • Lexicon PCM80 Multi effects
  • Eventide H3000 D/SE harmoniser
  • Effectron I digital delay
  • Effectron II digital delay
  • TC Electronics System 6000 MkII Mainframe with Icon Remote Control 
  • TC Electronics Finalizer 96k (we have two)
  • TC Electronics Intonator vocal tuner
  • Waves MaxxBass Processor
  • Waves MaxxBCL Mastering Processor
  • Yamaha SPX990
  • Yamaha Rev7
  • Sony D7 Digital Stereo Delay
  • Audio Design & Recording Vocal Stresser Channel Strip
  • Rupert Neve Portico II Channel Strip
  • Vintech Audio X81 Class A Mic Pre amplifier and equaliser
  • Tube Tech CL 1B Opto Compressor
  • Neve 33609 C Stereo Compressors
  • BSS DPR-901II Dynamic Equaliser
  • Klark Teknik DN3600 Digital Graphic Eq
  • Klark Teknik DN60 Spectrum Analyzer
  • Dolby Digital Multichannel Decoder DP562
  • Dolby Digital Audio Encoder DP569
  • ARX Maxi Split 2 into 4 / 1 into 8 line distribution splitters

Recording Equipment

  • Apple MacPro, with 2 RME Madi/HDSP cards, 128 tracks capable
  • Apple MacPro, with RME MadiFX/HDSPe card, 192 tracks capable
  • Apple MacBook Pro, with Digico UB Madi, 48 tracks capable
  • Microsoft Windows PC, with 2 RME Madi/HDSP cards, 128 tracks capable
  • Apple MacPro, with ProTools HD2 Cards, 64 tracks capable
  • Apple MacMini, with Digico UB Madi, 48 tracks capable
  • Solid State Logis SSL Delta Link Madi HD – 64ch Madi to DigiLink 
  • Rosendahl NanosyncHD multistandard sync engine
  • Apogee Big Ben master digital clock
  • RME 8×8 Madi Bridge 
  • Nuendo and ProTools multitracking DAW software
  • Metric Halo SpectraFoo audio analysing software
  • Waves Diamond bundle effects
  • KVM Monitor, keyboard and mouse 

Studio Monitors

  • Genelec 5.1 monitor system, 5x8130a and 1xSE7261a with Autocal software
  • 5.1 Adam monitors, 3xP2A (l,c,r) 2xA7 (surrounds), Sub12 (LFE)
  • Stereo Tannoy Dual Concentric Little Gold Monitors powered by Amcron PS400 class A ampifier
  • Stereo Yamaha NS10M studio nearfield monitors power by Amcron PS400 Class A amplifier.
  • Yamaha NS10MM Surround Speakers
  • Yamaha NS-C10MM Centre Speaker
  • Yamaha NS-W2 Self Powered Subwoofer (LFE)
  • Auratone nearfield monitors powered by Crown D-75A amplifier
  • Talia MB360 Monitor bridge


STage and performance MONITORS

  • Sennheiser SR2050 IEM (In Ear Monitor) Stereo transmitters x 8 (Bw Band)
  • Sennheiser EK2000 IEM Stereo Receivers x 8 (Bw Band)
  • Sennheiser AC 3200-II Antenna Combiner for IEM Transmitters
  • Sennheiser A5000-CP Passive Antenna for IEM
  • Ultimate Ears UE900 Generic Earphones
  • Ultimate Ears Sound Tap IEM DI
  • Audio Technica M3 Stereo IEM Transmitters x 4
  • Audio Technica M3 Stereo IEM Receivers x 8
  • Audio Technica M3 IEM Antenna combiner and paddle for IEM
  • Beringher Powerplay 16 ch Studio Monitoring System x 8
  • Sony 7506 Stereo Headphones
  • EAW SM200 passive floor monitors x 6
  • EAW SM500 Passive floor monitors x 2


  • 2 x Audio Tehcnica BP4027 Stereo Shotgun.
  • 2 x Neumann Stereo Mics
  • 2 x Sennheiser 816 shotgun mics
  • 10 x DPA 4099 Microphones with assorted mounts and clips
  • 8 x Audio Technica AT 4040
  • 2 x Audio Technica AT4033
  • 4 x Audio Technica AT3035
  • 2 x Audio Technica AT3060 Valve
  • 1 x Audio Tecnica AT25
  • 3 x Audio Technica AT23
  • 2 x Audio Technica AE5100
  • 1 x Audio Technica AT450
  • 2 x Audio Technica AT250
  • 4 x Audio Technica AT650
  • 4 x Audio Technica AE3000
  • 4 x Audio Technica AE2500
  • 2 x Audio Technica AE5400
  • 1 x Audio Technica AE3300
  • 6 x Audio Technica AE6100
  • 6 x Audio Technica AT350
  • 6 x Radial J48 DI
  • 4 x Radial ProDI Stereo DI
  • 2 x Radial JDI DI
  • 3 x Radial TX / RX wireless extension systems
  • 3 x Sennheiser EM2050 Dual Microphone Receivers (Bw Band)
  • Sennheiser AD3700 Powered Antenna
  • 6 x Sennheiser SKM2000 Handheld transmitters (Bw Band)
  • 4 x Sennheiser MD9235 Capsules
  • 2 x Neumman KK205 Capsules


  • Dubology 60 channel touring FOH/MON passive split stage patch system with 5x12ch input/output dropboxes with integrated 240V outlets, 5×15-30m dual signal and power snakes with LK12ch Multipin connectors and Neutrik Powercons.
  • Microphone stands, clamps and magic arms
  • Multiple microphones cables and looms

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